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Physician Services

To guarantee the provision of competent medical guidance and advice for the administration of hospice services and programs.

Hospice Nursing Care (RN, LVN)

To alleviate both physical and psychological symptoms and initiate communication with the interdisciplinary team to formulate the care plan.

Registered Nurse (RN)

To strategize, coordinate, and oversee hospice care.

Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)

To deliver hands-on patient care while being supervised by a registered nurse.

Hospice Aids

To aid with personal hygiene, ambulation, exercises, and medications typically self-administered by the individual.

Psychological Services (Medical Social Worker)

To evaluate emotional aspects connected to terminal illness and provide counseling to patients, families, and caregivers regarding issues of death, dying, and grief.

Financial and Community Resource Referrals

To provide support in financial planning, including helping with the transfer of responsibilities concerning fiscal and legal decisions.

Spiritual Care Counseling Service (Hospice Chaplain)

To perform religious services, including prayer, worship, and rituals, for patients and their families upon request.

Bereavement Services

To offer supportive counseling to both the patient and their family/caregiver both before and after the passing of their loved one.

Volunteer Services

To deliver personal care, emotional support, and practical assistance that improve the comfort and overall quality of life for patients and their family/caregivers.

Rehabilitative Services (Physical & Occupational Therapy)

To aid the patient in attaining and preserving their optimal level of functioning, self-care, and independence.

Speech Therapy Services (Speech Therapist)

To conduct assessments and propose strategies that focus on interventions like alternative communication methods and swallowing exercises to enhance nutrition and address speech-related issues.

Nutritional Services (Registered Dietitian)

To guarantee the delivery of suitable nutritional care and consultation to hospice patients and their families/caregivers.

Continuous Care Services

A short-term intervention designed for medical crises, such as uncontrolled and severe symptoms.

Inpatient Services

For symptom management and/or pain control that exceeds the capabilities of the home setting.

Respite Care

"Respite Care" refers to a period of rest or relief, providing a valuable gift of time for family/caregivers, granted by professional caregivers.

Pharmacy Services

To guarantee the availability of pharmacy services round-the-clock, 24 hours per day.

Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies

To ensure that hospice patients receive necessary equipment and supplies based on their assessed healthcare needs.

Transportation Services

To coordinate non-emergency medical transportation services, using ambulance or wheelchair vans, when the patient's medical and physical condition makes transportation via public or private means medically unsuitable.